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The foremen were also exploited people but they chose to be on the side of the bosses. And after that feed the other workers – about thirty people outside of our family. Then we would do the dishes and start to cook corn all over again. I had to leave my children under a tree to go and cook for the military… and…” Maria Ba Caal leaves that sentence unfinished.

An equally important role must be played by the international community. The United Nations, through its special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, has already expressed its “deep concern” about the current risks for the rule of law in Guatemala. US vice president Kamala Harris showed her support for the rule of law in Guatemala by meeting with several exiled justice operators, including Paz, Aldana and Porras. She also started investigations against Jimmy Morales and some of his relatives and associates, and led the important Sepur Zarco case to judgment. This was the first case in which a national court recognised and condemned sexual violence, including sexual and domestic slavery, as a crime against humanity. The court also held that the Guatemalan state had to provide collective reparations for the benefits of the village of Sepur Zarco and the surrounding villages. Central to this legacy, that is the State’s failure to adequately respond to the ever-deepening normalization of violence, is the discouraging development and perpetuation of a socio-legal environment in which accountability lags and impunity soars.

This section contains a selection of key portals curated by our global team. The experts also said the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the discrimination and inequality women and girls already face. The Women’s Rights Education Program is a six-month legal literacy and empowerment course that educates women on asserting and protecting their rights. WJI provides free legal services directly to women in need by bringing lawyers and paralegals to their communities and providing bilingual Maya Kaqchikel-Spanish resources. Friendship Bridge shows unwavering dedication to improving the lives of those facing the most difficult paths to success in Guatemala. From healthcare to economic concerns, Friendship Bridge is making important investments to help address the many obstacles that local Guatemalan dating site face. While these efforts clearly make an impact in the lives of the women in Friendship Bridge’s programs, the organization also strives to expand its offerings to address one of the broadest scale issues Guatemala faces — migration.

That is why the United Nations is insisting on the need for active macroeconomic policies and sectoral policies that promote sustainable development with employment. Her sister, Ana Cristina, the coffee sales businesswoman, has just arrived. The owner of the recently inaugurated ‘castle’, she tells us, lives in the United States. He came just to inaugurate his house, after being away for 18 years. A few metres up the road, there are another 30 or so other ‘castles’ in this remote village of Jocotán, she says. One of the Oahaca sisters, Floridalma, weaves tule fibre products to sell in the patio of her house, in the hamlet of Oquén – the cradle of the Chortí ethnic group.

  • US vice president Kamala Harris showed her support for the rule of law in Guatemala by meeting with several exiled justice operators, including Paz, Aldana and Porras.
  • The government must come to understand women’s rights in Guatemala and must push to find the resources necessary to promote the alleviation of violence against women.
  • Mrs Salguero, a woman with a tough exterior, has also been a point of reference for many of the male community leaders when it comes to decision-making.
  • The Q’eqchi leaders of the area were seeking legal rights to their land at the time.

Hjelt et al. 1992), and this could explain the correlation between plasma vitamin B-12 and folate concentrations. In addition, dietary intake of folate was the main predictor of plasma folate concentrations, and intakes of vitamin B-12 and folate were significantly correlated. Therefore, it cannot be determined from the results of this study whether the association between low plasma vitamin B-12 and folate was due to simultaneous malabsorption or low dietary intakes. On the basis of the breast milk vitamin B-12 concentrations of the women in this study, 16.3% of the infants would have had intakes below the RDA of 0.3 μg/d. All would have had an intake higher than the WHO recommendation of 0.1 μg/d (FAO/WHO 1988), a value selected because it reverses clinical symptoms in infants with vitamin B-12 deficiency.

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Carmen also said that “it’s too easy for men who have been accused of violence to hide out,” as local police simply do not have the resources to track these perpetrators down. “Women rely on men,” Carmen continued, “they are isolated from their families…of course, some women will say they are in love and that’s why they don’t report it, because they don’t know better”.

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On this Sunday in December, she discusses the family business of handmade textiles with four of her nine daughters, Flory Magalí , Oneyda , María Dominga and Floridalma . The five women say they dream of becoming recognised entrepreneurs. All of these women impacted Guatemalan and world history in significant ways, yet they aren’t household names. While they didn’t live their lives and advocate for the underdog to earn this recognition, we at Latina Republic think it’s important to shine a light on the work these wonderful women have done. This is by no means a comprehensive list, of course, but these four women have contributed immensely to multiple facets of our daily lives, even those of us who live in the United States. From labor activists, warrior queens, reform advocates, and feminist poets, Guatemalan history is full of women like K’abel, Foppa, Moreno, and the Mack Changs who deserve a prominent place in history for the work they’ve done to better the world.

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The INCAP food composition database does not have information on the vitamin B-12 or folate content of foods. Life for the sisters is measured in micro-improvements, pockets of air in the stifling fear. They are scarcely more than children themselves, raising children alone. She has dyed the tips of her hair purple, a style she’s grown fond of. Her face often falls back into the wide smile of the past, when her mother enrolled her in local beauty contests.

These measures seek to address the broader causes and consequences of the violences perpetrated against these women and their communities. After years of violence, dictatorship, and conflict, Guatemala’s public institutions are ineffective, including its justice system.